Adult Religious Exploration

As we enjoy exploring ideas and beliefs together, we always welcome new members. If you are interested in our Religious Exploration Program or our church, please contact or visit us.

Adult Religious Exploration

Learning doesn’t end with our teenage years. The adults of our congregation also have programming planned for their needs.

OVUUC Library

One way the RE Committee provides learning opportunities for members and friends of all ages is in keeping the OVUUC library up to date. Often there are not enough people interested in a class on a particular topic, or individuals might be interested in more in depth study of a topic than a class offers. The library provides many books for members and friends that allow individuals to explore new areas of interest.

The library has been organized into several general categories, which are clearly marked on the edges of each shelf and on the card pocket in each book.  Books for children, youth, parents and RE resources are located in the Dodd House. Please follow the posted instructions for how to sign books out and check them back in.

Adult Religious Exploration Classes

Regularly scheduled sessions are held at the Dome with discussions facilitated by one of the members of the congregation.

New UU Class

New and potential members to our congregation often have many questions about our faith’s history and the governance of our congregation and the denomination. This class is designed to answer those questions and allow the participants to explore other questions they have about Unitarian Universalism. The class is sponsored by the Membership and Outreach Committee and is offered as needed.

Please contact the church if you are interested in attending this class.

Adult Religious Exploration Groups

Adult Religious Exploration Groups are informal groups who gather to share and learn about a particular topic or skill. These groups do not have a set curriculum for their meetings, but instead spend their meetings sharing experiences and leadership. This year’s groups are listed below along with a contact person for more information. All schedules are subject to change with holidays. New groups are always forming, ~ watch the OVUUC website or The Skylight for updates.

If you want more detailed information about a group, email the church and your request will be directed to the appropriate person.



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