Schedule of Worship Services

Easter “Sunrise” Service -9:30am, We will gather at 9:30am on April 1st.  Bring a poem to read.   
April 1    “The Easter We Need” 
The portions of the Easter story that resonate with us as Unitarian Universalists: expecting the unexpected, resurrection and rebirth. Presented by ministerial student Cricket Hall. Coordinated by Pat Jacobson
April 8 “A Truce in the Culture Wars” 
We are used to hearing about the troubles that arise when cultures clash, but perhaps we are better off when we embrace different cultures, and find ways to learn what we have in common. Presented by Ron Scott, Jr. and coordinated by Jeff Madzia.
April 15  “Mary Poppins and Me”
In the story of Mary Poppins, we see a precious Nanny saying good-bye to her beloved charges and being carried away to wherever the wind blows next. Dr. Waun will “channel” fully costumed Mary Poppins and use this image in her final farewell sermon at UUCOV.
April 22  “FCNL”
The Friends Committee on National Legislation  founded by the Religious Society of Friends  (Quakers)  lobbies congress and the administration to advance peace , justice, opportunity and environmental stewardship.  The activities and successes of this ;organization and the  Quaker values of integrity, simplicity and peace will be discussed. Carole Ryder will present with to be announced co- presenter.  
April 29    “The role of music in social change movements”  
A brief look at how popular music can effect social change, presented by Val White, coordinated by Pat Jacobson