Schedule of Worship Services

June 3   “Towers and Flowers” 
Our annual Flower Communion- bring a flower to share, presented by Cricket Hall, Carole Ryder coordinating.

June 10   “Music That Inspires” 
Most of us have that one song that can get us up and moving, motivate us to action, or spark creativity. This Sunday, bring that piece of music with you (on your phone, CD, or live) and we’ll play a part of it for all to hear. Be prepared to share why or how the music offers inspiration. Presented and coordinated by Jeff Madzia.

June 17   “The Underground Railroad and the Upper Ohio Valley” 
Presented by John Maddox, curator of the Underground Museum in Flushing Ohio. Coordinated by Lisa Helms.

June 24   “Reflections on Life from a Bodhisattva” 
Why I value meditation and the role of mantras in my life, presented by Jakki Pickett, Pat Jacobson coordinating.