Schedule of Worship Services

September 2    The Rise and Fall of U.S. Labor Unions and The American Middle Class 
Presented by Bill Bryant, coordinated by Pat Jacobson.
September 9    Ingathering 2018, a Water Communion 
Each year at this time, we as a Congregation find it valuable to re-focus our minds to prepare for the coming church year, and to be mindful of the changing seasons. To do this, we share our stories of the meaningful events that affected us over the Summer months. These stories are often accompanied by a ritual: pouring water that reminds us of those special times to a Common Bowl. Join us this Sunday to share what was important to you. Coordinated and presented by Carole Ryder.  
September 16  “A Semi-Colon is No Place to Stay” 
The Days of Awe between the High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur offer us all (Jewish or not) a yearly opportunity to reflect, consider our righteousness and our missteps, seek and offer forgiveness, and venture forth again in a positive, healing direction. Metaphorically, these days could be seen as a semi-colon; the juncture where one could choose to end a sentence, but decides instead to continue the story because there is more to say.   We’ll explore, from a spiritual perspective, the ways in which a semi-colon is not a full stop, but rather, a moment to pause, reckon, and reinvest in goodness, integrity, activism, community, and life itself. Presented by Rev. Robin Landerman Zucker, coordinated by Andrea Allen.
September 23   “The ACLU and Me” 
This often misunderstood organization proves legal support for people whose Constitutional rights are at stake. Today’s service will focus on one person and how the ACLU has shaped her life. Rosemary Ketchum from the West Virginia ACLU will speak. Coordinated by Jeff Madzia.
September 30 “Serving Women in Our Community – The Wheeling YWCA”
Presented by Director Lori Jones, coordinated by Drusilla Ice.