Board Members

You can contact each board member by e-mail. Simply click on the member’s name or if there isn’t a link, you can email the church. Please note the area of responsibility listed beside each member’s name. These are the people you should contact if you have a concern or suggestion for this specific area.

The board meets on the first Sunday of each month before church at 9 o’clock in the Spirit of Life Social Hall. The Minutes of All Board and Congregational Meetings are Posted at the Dome.¬†¬†Please note that all board meetings are open and any member of the congregation is welcome to attend.

2018-2019 Board Members

President – Meg Geroch
Vice-President – Pat Jacobson
Secretary – Andrea Allen
Treasurer – Kelci Crawford
Trustees – Mel Jeffcoat, Jean Woolums, Jakki Pickett, Lisa Helms


Building and Grounds Committee

Mel Jeffcoat

Jeff Madzia

Worship Committee

Pat Jacobson


Jean Woolums


Andrea Allen

Carole Ryder

Social Action

Drucilla Ice

Religious Exploration Committee

Marianne Madzia


Meg Geroch